World of Tanks GPU Comparison Test Donations

I received no free hardware for testing or evaluation from any retailer or manufacturer of computer hardware for this comparison test. I previously purchased Fraps to test other games. I owned some of the GPUs used in the test, borrowed the GTX 970 used in the WoT 9.14 GPU test(and paid for overnight shipping to send it back to its owner), and purchased a few other GPUs for testing when I found them on sale for below average prices(Used, demo models sitting in a display case at a hardware shop, last one in inventory, etc...). I will be buying other GPUs to add to testing of furute World of Tanks versions.

If you appreciated my work and want to help support future gaming hardware benchmarks, help me out in any of the several ways listed below:

If you buy a Graphics Card or any other product made by EVGA please use use my EVGA affiliate code when you purchase from the web page and/or register the product.on My EVGA affiliate code is: JW8SNWHOB4

If you would like to donate to fund future hardware testing articles for World of Tanks you can use the link below: